Fall Activities Out of Snowshoe Lodge

Hunting Season

That's why they're called the Big Horn Mountains ... big-game hunting, Wyoming style. In autumn the big game is coming down from the upper mountain altitudes and Snowshoe Lodge is the best location for hunting in the Big Horns and on the Flitner Ranch range. For instance, as of October 15, the hunting season for elk opens.





To assure an excellent Wyoming hunting trip customized to your individual desires, we partner with Powder Horn Outfitters , based out of Sheridan, WY. Simply Contact Us about a first-class back-country hunting trip.









Other Fall Activities

Indian Summer is beautiful in the Big Horn Mountains , and weather permitting, one can continue the summertime activities.

The snow eventually starts to fall, and as the snow-pack accumulates, Snowshoe Lodge offers that cozy shelter that only log-built, mountain retreats with great hospitality can offer.

See Winter Activities

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